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Here at Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions, we know how difficult it is to shuffle through all the different post production houses, studios, facilities, and companies here in Los Angeles. We are here to make your decision easy for where to outsource your post-production!

At RAD Productions we do exceptional work with audio and video post production, advanced digital services, and color correction. We pride ourselves on our excellent video editing services and the outstanding communication, care, creativity, and customer service we provide.


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LA’s Budget-Friendly Post Production Company

Budget-friendly and Los Angeles do not normally go hand in hand, but they do for our post-production services here at RAD Productions! While many freelancers and companies charge around $75-$200/per hour, our charges start at only $45/hour.

This price may go up depending on the complexity of the project, but we feel that this is a great price that does not eat up most of your overall budget. We are proud to offer trustworthy, professional, and excellent quality services at such a great price here in Los Angeles!

What Makes Us Different From Other Post-Production Houses in LA?


There are endless amounts of post-production studios, freelancers, and companies in Los Angeles, so what makes us different? That’s easy, RADProd saw a huge need for inclusivity, communication, and quality services at a budget-friendly price in LA! Despite post production houses being a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, there is a major lack of supply in the positives that RADProd provides.


There is no doubt that the film industry is lacking inclusivity for people in the LGBTQ+ community, women, and BIPOCs. Here at RAD Productions, we are a female-founded, female-run company that supports and employs those in the LGBTQ+ community and people of many different demographics.

Affordable Quality Service

It may be challenging to find a post-production company in Los Angeles that is affordable, dependable and cares about your project. Here at Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions we promise to treat and care for your project as if it was our own. We love helping hard-working small businesses and Indie Filmmakers with our high quality and affordable post-production services.

Talented Video Editors

RADProd has a talented group of professionals who are bright, caring, and creative. We ensure that our video editors in Los Angeles are professional, kind, talented, and hard-working. Our team is extremely passionate about production and post-production and we assure you that we will be just as dedicated to your project’s success as you are!


Communication is key when it comes to bringing the vision for your project to life. Most companies and freelancers in Los Angeles are juggling so many projects that communication can be a struggle. We never take on more projects than we can handle with care and our responses are timely and detailed.

Our Post-Production Services in Los Angeles

Video Editing

At RADProd we use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard software and our hard-working team is highly skilled and versatile in it. This software allows our team to provide thorough and creative edits that benefits and adds to the vision of the project.

post production service in los angeles to edit your video
remote post production company to edit your film color

Color Correction & Grading

Color Correction is something that is sometimes forgotten about; however, it is extremely important to have a high quality picture and cohesive coloring. Great color grading can help add to the film’s vision and make the picture look beautiful. Without color correction and grading the picture can be distracting because the colors may look washed out or funky.

Sound Editing & Design

It is often argued that sound is more important to a film than picture is. Bad sound is extremely distracting and can cause the audience to completely stop watching all together. At RADProd, we understand the importance of sound in a film, and we have talented professionals to make amazing sound happen!

sound editing with our online post production studio

Los Angeles, Center Of The Nation’s Film Industry


Los Angeles has always been an amazing place for filmmakers with so many wonderful opportunities. Los Angeles has been through a very rough time with the California Wildfires and the pandemic, and we have stuck together through it. Just like the beauty of Los Angeles, RADProd is a hub for amazing and talented people who stick together, from all walks of life who are passionate about film and making a story come to life.

remote or online post production service in LA, california

Post-Production Editing Service For Indie Filmmakers

Thanks for checking out our website; we are so excited to work with you to make your creative vision come to life! We are passionate about helping talented Indie Filmmakers and know that we will be the right company for you with our caring and talented professionals and fair prices. For more questions you can email us to contact or get a quote for free right here!

Some Post-Production Related FAQs

How Are My Files Protected?

At Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions, we have experience in video production, so we understand there is a lot of time and effort that goes into pre-production and video production. Because of this, it is extremely important to us that your files are protected. Files will be uploaded to google drive as backup and regular backups made to premiere files at the end of each workday. This adds that extra protection to put your mind to ease and assure the safety of your files.

How Do We Share Our Footage?

Raw Footage will be transferred via wetransfer, a simple, safe, and user-friendly site, to us. As we edit, there will be new cuts uploaded privately to vimeo for you to view each new cut. Once the final cut is finished, approved, and ready to go we will transfer the project back to you through wetransfer.

Is Music Included?

Royalty-free music will be used and included in the price. However, if you are wanting music composed for your project, our talented composer, Natalia, will be able to provide excellent original music to fit your project. Due to immense time and effort, custom music would cost additional.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Editing is time-consuming, and we want to make sure that we give you the absolute best product possible. We are dedicated to not rushing through your project, but also returning your project in a timely manner. Turnaround time is all dependent on the length of the project and what is required. We will make sure to work in a timely manner and get your edited video back to you before the deadline that works for both parties.

What Editing Software Do You Use?

At RADProd, we use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos. Premiere is the industry-standard program that produces quality, professional editing that is ideal for all types of videos. Our post-production team is extremely talented and knowledgeable in Premiere.

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