House Cat Or Wild beast?


Autumn and Mila are our protagonists. A tabby/bengal mix and a black cat pine away at fantasies of being free and complain about their restrictive lives.  

One Christmas Night, Autumn and Mila, realize their dreams as they fall through a magical portal and land in the animated world of Yarnia. 

Their dreams aren’t as enchanting when they face the challenges of jungle life on their own and they realize how good their home was. 

The stunning and vibrant magical world of Yarnia is modeled after the jungles of southeast Asia. This 3D animated world is designed in the gaming engine Unreal. You’ll see this dynamic world of Yarnia throughout this three short film series and more and more of Yarnia is revealed.

Meet The Stars


The Curious


The Sarcastic


Georginna Feyst


Natalia Bortolotti


Aubrey Trullija

Queen Bird

Jerry G. Angelo

Big Bear

Casey McCullum

Willie (Willamena)

Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions

Adyr Villavicencio

King Bird

3D Animation

Behind The Scenes

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