How is Animation Used in Marketing: An Effective Approach for Marketing

Just like plenty of businesses in the world, animation used in marketing has proven to be a convenient and cost-effective way for increasing brand awareness. Animation is amongst one of the most crucial content marketing strategies and puts forward our brand’s image in a creative way. 

Not only is it easier to understand, but has also been helpful in boosting the conversion rates of viewers to customers, as well. Creating an animation explainer video as marketing content provides the audience with the right dose of entertainment and education.

In this article, we will look at:
– Why should we use animation for marketing? What can brands use animation for?
– What Can Animation Do For Brands?
– How will animation marketing increase sales and conversions?
– Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media Marketing?
– Cost-Effectiveness and its Benefit in Animation Marketing Content Production 

Why should we use animation for marketing? What can brands use animation for?

Smart marketers know the importance of using animation for marketing for increasing their brand awareness, marketing sales, and conversions., and major corporations and businesses worldwide use 2D explainer videos to increase their product awareness and also help explain complex ideas quickly. 


Product Awareness

Animation explainer videos help cement a brand or a company and its services in a customer’s mind. When a company uses animation for promotion or marketing, they establish their customer’s recall for their brand. 


Explain Complex Ideas

Brands use various ways to promote the services and products they have to offer, and businesses have resorted to using animation for attracting clients to their brand. Animation used in marketing helps brands convey the message of their company to explain complex concepts in a simpler and easier way.  

Animation marketing is amongst the most versatile advertising styles and is used in numerous ways by brands and organizations globally. Brands can use animation as an effective marketing strategy. Companies that have been using animation for marketing  have seen exponential growth in brand awareness.  


What Can Animation Do For Brands?

Brands use animation marketing as an effective way of connecting with the audience on a more personal level and brands use animation to exhibit their perspectives and ideas to their audience. 

Animation marketing strategies help ideas remain buried in the minds of their customers. A recent survey showed 91% of consumers reward brands for their individuality and 62% of them are more likely to purchase from a brand that boldly expresses its uniqueness. 

TED-Ed videos have more than 9.5 million YouTube subscribers. And their channel is amongst the most popular educational channels on YouTube because they simplify complex ideas for their audience with the use of their fascinating, and intriguing animation. 


How will animation marketing increase sales and conversions?


Animation helps cement your brand in customer minds

The best kinds of explainer videos are merely 30-90 seconds long. Explainer videos help generate a strong bond between the brand and the viewer. Animation helps cement your brand in customer minds in such a short time. 

Animation videos are easy to understand and help get messages across.

While a brand is much more than colors, fonts, and slogans, those elements can help your customers make associations with your company. Animations with these elements of your brand further establish your customer’s recall of your company. Animations rationalize compound ideas in a convenient way that is easier for the audience to grasp and understand. 

Users like videos!

Users are less likely to leave a website if there is video content on the homepage or at the About Us page. According to statistics, approximately 64% of website users are more likely to purchase a company’s product after viewing their explainer video.

If a business uses animation to explain its benefits, services, and products, website users are more likely to watch the video than spend their time reading content on the website. Use animation video explainer videos as a form of increasing your website and social media platforms’ insights, traffic, and content interaction. 


Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media Marketing? 

Users don’t pay much attention to an article or a video on the internet if it is unnecessarily long and draggy. An animated marketing video for business is used by businesses to connect with their audiences on an emotional level because animation is associated with feelings of childhood and nostalgia. 

With the help of animation marketing, a concept, idea, proposition, or plan can be brought to reality. Animation videos possess the magic to intrigue their viewers, and they can perfectly portray the different ways processes and mechanisms operate. Uploading and promoting our animated marketing video for business has proven to be a substantially impactful social media marketing strategy. 


Content Production Cost-Effectiveness & its Benefit in Animation Marketing 

Since the rapid change in climate and the disruption of environments, organizations and brands globally have resorted to different ways to run their business that might help the environment in one way or another. Animation marketing is amongst the most eco-friendly and cost-effective ways of increasing brand awareness.  



Traditional video filming might damage the surrounding environment due to light or sound pollution. Some of the other environmental issues might be due to construction sets, and vegetation trampling too. A 15s-animation marketing video is consecutively better than a traditional method of video production that might involve harm to the environment, animals, or the climate. 


Would you hire actors, pay the fees for extra production and post-production equipment,, and pay staff to schedule shooting, scout locations, and arrange props all for a social media advertising video? Or would you rather have a catchy, and detailed animated marketing video hassle-free for your campaigns? 

In shooting live videos, the decisions made prior to the shooting are final and it will cost a lot of money to change anything in the live-action videos. With animated marketing videos, even the tiniest of details can be edited last-minute, and the most significant things can be edited or tweaked such as character details, storyline, or background settings, and with minimal impact on the scope and budget of the project. 

In short, animated marketing videos are much cheaper and more cost-effective to produce than live-action marketing videos. 



As technology develops, human beings have access to different methods of promoting their businesses. Animation marketing video production for advertisements became more popular with the emerging trends of technology.