About the Company

Real Art Daily Productions is a film and theatre production company dedicated to representing the stories of those often neglected by mainstream media. With a dual focus on both the intersectional representation on queerness, ableism, ageism and feminine representation and the role of local community engagement within the arts, Real Art Daily Productions is dedicated to producing both theatre and film that challenges what the viewer deems ‘normal’. Real Art Daily Productions is a diverse company, with employees representing a wide range of sexualities, gender identities, cultures and nationalities. The company’s opening production of Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous existential play, No Exit, will be accompanied by a series of talks around social justice and philosophical topics related to the play’s themes, including queerness and feminism in the 1940s, and reflections of existentialism in today’s social climate. These curated conversations will be led by local and community subject experts in hopes to engage the local Los Angeles community and illustrate the importance of art in representation and expression.